May 132015

Ive had this project for a while and just never got a chance to start it. I took an evening and set to work on it, 4hours later I was ready for the air!

Below are some pics of the build. My overall impression of the kit is as usual Eflite quality improves kit by kit, so many simple touches that make a build so straight forward.

   Typically colourful box!

  Well packaged & protected whilst shipping.

  All new equipment for this one, stuck with recommended power plant, the Park 480 (1020kv) & 40amp Pro Lite ESC. Also the new spectrum A3030 servos.

 The box Emptied, as you’ll see each part is bagged.

  First job is to fit SFG. The holes pre-drilled, they just needed the self tapping screw to thread the insert in wing tip, some cyano to harden the thread up and fit the SFG’s.

  Control horn is a phenolic material, 15min epoxy was using to attached them to the pre-slotted ailerons. I missed a picture out on the next stage, hinging the aileron is in the using way using “hairy” type hinges with some cyano!

  Aileron servo and control rod fitted. A nice touch with ball links all round. Makes for a very precise and slop free linkage! Plenty of throw with the servo arm and control horn position.

  Wings are complete, top view here.

Bottom view. You can see the lightweight methods of construction here.

    Fuselage is unwrapped next.

  A few steps in one here, the elev & horz stab are fitted, the stab is measured & positioned then glued in place with cyano. The elevator is then hinged and horn fitted as per aileron. The fin is now glued in place, ensuring it square. The tailwheel assembly is fitted to rudder in pre-formed slot and hinged with “hairy” hinges also.

  Top view, servos have been connected as per the aileron. A good positive linkage.

  Undercarriage & spats fitted, a simple job. The UC is a lightweight aluminium.

  Motor fitted on supplied standoff’s. ESC is also fitted at this point and motor test run for direction.

  Latest spektrum AR636, fitted. Will program with iPhone app at a later date.

  New Optipower 50c 3cell 2150mah will give this model plenty of punch.

Cowl, spinner and prop fitted. Ready to test fly.

Ill apply the decals before the test flight. Fingers crossed for some calmer wind to try it out!

Thnaks as always to Horizon for the opportunity to test their great products. Also Thnaks to Andy at Optipower for the best cells on the market!!

Flying review to come. 


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