Jul 172015

Eflite have introduced to the market the Rare Bear scale racer. Based on the popular full scale pylon racer the Eflite version comes officially licensed in the 2014 WC scheme, it incorporates Carbon Z & AS3x technology to make a very light and strong air frame, with the stability that only a gyro Can give.

The need for the gyro isn’t vital but at speeds in excess of 100mph it just adds that peace of mind that your equipment is working for you not against!

The build was very straight forward, 30mins and I was ready for a test flight! One thing I noticed was the quality of the finish, the paint applied to these foam aircraft has improved so much in the last few years, almost perfect!


I elected to use Eflite 4s 3200 30c packs I had in my battery collection, they have seen a lot of usage in habu’s etc but will do until I get some newer fresher ones! The recommended pack is a 4s 3300mah 50c

Ready to fly!   

The little whipit was used to Warm my arm up for the launch! Lol!

Test Flight

The test flight took place at a field near our house just before dark, with a good strong launch the RareBear raced away and felt instantly locked in. Speed soon built up even on my old pack, the turn felt really nice and the plane looked really scale like in the air! On a low fast past the top speed felt and looked fast, slowly things down and the rear bear feels equally as smooth and responsive, you do need to keep the speed up a little on the final turn on approach,  but it’s not too bad and you have to remember it’s a racer!

All in all I’m very impressed and have flown several packs through it now, each time I enjoy it more and more!

Please excuse the phone quality pics, thanks to my wife Lisa for taking them, it’s next to impossible to snap a 100mph racer on an iPhone but she managed it!!



Quick clip from test flight!

Thanks to Horzion for the review, I will get some new Optipower Lipos and it should really sing!


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