May 052015

The May bank holiday saw us back to our favourite display spot at Delamont Country Park. Down Council have been so impressed with the interest in our Clubs display that they have added 3 displays to their events calendar for 2015.

This was the 1st of the year and as usual we where Warmly welcomed with a large crowd dispite the poor weather forecast. As usual the weatherman got it wrong, it was sunny with a light breeze instead of heavy rain! We had 4 pilots, Sean, Alistair, Iain & myself ably assisted by my dad in the pits and Paul on the Mic.

We had a good selection of aircraft and put in two 40min displays including the ever popular toffee drop! The wind picked up a little on the second display and soon after we finished a shower rolled through, but thankfully all was packed away dry!

You can see some pictures below.

Another successful delamont display for Banbridge Aeromodelling Club!


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