Delamont Country Park Display Aug 2015

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Aug 262015

My clubs third and final display at delamont this year took place in the middle of August. The usual venue of the “big stone” in this huge site was the chosen location and for once we had blue skies and a stiff but very manageable breeze.

A good turn out of pilots and helpers made up the display team and as normal a wide variety of aircraft flew.

Notable flights included David Nolan with is Trex 700 Nitro & Electric, the toffee drops, the fast slot with Rarebear, Wasp, Magnum and my large Extra 300 display.

Some pics below, I should say you will see some pics of the new Blade Chroma kindly supplied by Horizon Hobby UK for me to test & review, this was flown in the restricted display zone after the public display, not at any stage during it, just to demostrate it to my club mates.


North Down Flyin Aug 2015

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Aug 262015

Northdown Model Aircraft Club held their annual Flyin at the end of August. A good day was had by all, great flying, lots of different aircraft and pilots and decent weather! Here are some pics.

Hilight of the day for me certainly was the demo I did with my good friend David Nolan. I was flying my Hangar 9 Extra 300 and David was flying his Trex 700. It went really well, kept it nice and tight together and it looked superb!


IMAC UK Causeway Coast Jun 2015

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Jun 262015

The 2nd iMac comp of the year in NI was held at causeway coast flying club on Sun 7th June, this was also a iMac UK round.

The strong winds from the previous week continued so I can only assume the accounted for the low entry. The 3 intermediate pilots battled well and it was very close.

1. Steven Tait

2. Sean Scullion

3. Harry Reid
Thanks to the host club for a great lunch, the judges Paul & David and anyone who supported the event.

Some pics


Banbridge Aeromodelling Club 40th Anniversary Flyin

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Jun 262015

My local club celebrated their 40th anniversary with a fly-in / BBQ. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t in our favour but a number of more “brave” (read stupid) pilots flew in the 40mph gusts!!

We also had a group shot of our anniversary model, the E2k wasp, a few also flew on the day!

Some pics,


NightVisionAire Review

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Apr 292015

The new eflite visionaire is a new twist on the hugely popular and successful Parkzone VisionAire. 

The concept behind the original VisionAire was to combine the most advanced design methods & electronics to provide a training platform for budding 3D pilots. This was meet and more with the finished product, the AS3X technology made the aircraft hugely forgiving for novice pilots and for more advanced pilots it added a level of stability that allowed the boundaries to be pushed, particularly around the weather conditions you could enjoy flying a lightweight Z foam model.
The new Night VisionAire improves on the design with the addition of the latest be most refined AS3X gyro the AR636. Years of development has also added SAFE technology, the save your model mode, when you get into trouble or out of your comfort zone, press the ‘panic’ button and the VisionAire returns to level upright flight.

Another first for Eflite is to include a fully integrated LED light set installed inside the Z foam, with the high intensity lights, the effect on the Night VisionAire is to illuminate the entire airframe. This provides excellent results in the dark.

The build of the VisionAire is very straight forward and as usual all the hard is done! 10-15mins has it complete. Here are some pics.



As the VisionAire is designed for night flying, I thought it best to test flight it at night! On a calm dark night, the 3cell 2200mah was fitted the DX6 programmed and the lights switched on. A fairly uneventful test flight and as with the previous VisionAire this one was rock steady. I think the improvements between the AR635 and the new AR636 have only enhanced this already brilliant aircraft. The stock setup seemed more positive and it’s impossible to detect the AS3X system working in the background. 

Overall I’m really impressed with the VisionAire, I forgot just how good and rewarding this plane is and adding the night flying element only enhances that further! Thanks to Horizon for the opportunity to review!

Here are some pics. Video to follow.


Eflite NIGHT Visionaire

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Jan 082015

A new cool product realised today from Eflite is the a new version of the popular Parkzone Visionaire. Eflite have updated this 3D trainer aircraft with the latest AR636 AS3X RX and also fitted hi intensity LED’s within the structure. This provides the perfect BNF package to try some night flying with.

The AR636 comes with Panic Recovery SAFE technology and 2 flights modes, precision / 3D.

Here is EFlite summary!

The E-flite® NIGHT VisionAire™ park flyer is specifically designed for sport pilots who want a 3D experience with more options. Based on the groundbreaking ParkZone® VisionAire design, the E-flite NIGHT VisionAire aerobat includes intense LED lights that give the internal structure a brilliant glow. But giving you more time to fly isn’t the only thing visionary about it. The included Spektrum™ AR636 receiver has been specially tuned with an AS3X™ system featuring a Precision mode and a 3D mode for an exceptional high-speed and 3D aerobatic experience. Not only are stunning moves even more fun to fly, if you get into trouble, SAFE™ technology provides Panic Recovery mode so there’s less risk of crashing.
Whether you’re an intermediate park pilot looking to advance your aerobatic skills or a 3D expert who wants the versatility to fly day or night, the E-flite NIGHT VisionAire park flyer is ideal. All you need to start flying today is your favorite full-range 4+ channel programmable aircraft transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2™/DSMX® technology and a charged 2200mAh 11.1V 3S 30C LiPo battery.

Looks like a nice addition to anyone’s hangar!




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Nov 272014

We are currently working on getting a tow aircraft ready, the Eflite CarbonZ Cub is the perfect aircraft as it comes prefitted with tow realise mechanism, so it’s really straight forward. The cub is also a superb sport aircraft and a lot of fun.

To experiment and learn this art we will be using a Parkzone KA8 sailplane. It will be fitted with some telemetry to feed data back to us on the ground (GPS, altitude etc) and Eflite’s servoless realise system to make detachment of the glider really straight forward.

It’s all new to me, so very excited about it! The plan is to tow much bigger sailplanes, so will be hooking up with the NIMSA guys to possibly organise an informal tow event.



Back to the field

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Sep 212014

First day back to the flying after the Worlds. Helped Maurice out with his new purchases from the NATS, Parkzone Sukhoi, Blade 200SR & his new DX6.
Brian was also out with his very impressive hex-copter, fat shark head set which controls the camera!

Was good to catch up and relax after a season of Practise and prep for the states.






IMAC Omagh May 2014

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May 272014


IMAC returned to the County of Tyrone near the town of Omagh for the second time on Saturday 24th May 2014. Building from the success of the season opener in Ballymoney 11 pilots lined up a day’s competition. The weather conditions look ok, it was a little overcast and there for a stiff crosswind but compared to the wash out we had last year no one was complaining. The club members of Tyrone Model Flying Association (TMFA) had the site looking superb and as before couldn’t be more pleasant and helpful/

Pilot List

Basic Class

-Dermot Gallon (Hangar 9 Beast, Futaba TX)

Sportsman Class

-Brian Foran (Hangar 9 Carden Extra 300, JR 11x)

-Alan O’Connor (Hangar 9 Yak 54 QQ, Spektrum DX9)

-Ger Kilbey (Hangar 9 Yak54 QQ, Spektrum DX8)

-Iain Johnston (Hangar 9 27% Extra 260 electric, Spektrum DX18)

Intermediate Class

-Harry Reid (Hangar 9 Carden Yak 54, JR 12x)

-Mikey Blake (Hangar 9 Inverza 33 electric, Spektrum DX9)

-Robert Graham (Extreme Flight Extra 300 91” electric, JR12x)

-Stephen Tait (Extreme Flight Edge 540 88”, JR12x)

-Sean Scullion (Pilot RC Yak 54 100cc, Spektrum DX9)

Unlimited Class

-Matthew Poots (Carden Extra 300 126”, Spektrum DX18)

After a short pilot’s brief we got into the air at 10am. Paul Harrison & I judged Basic to intermediate classes and Iain swapped with me to judge Unlimited. Dermot was first in the air flying a Double Known in his very first IMAC comp, in the challenging crosswind he first flight was good if a little Nervous and he got the Beast on the ground on the tight TMFA strip. His smile said it all, that’s what IMAC is all about, sticking your head above the parapet and challenging yourself in a competition environment.

Onto Sportsman class and Alan & Ger had a pair of new Hangar 9 Yak 54 QQ’s, the Yak showed it’s competition pedigree and Alan & Ger flew them really nicely, the 111cc had lots of power and the Yak presents very well. Brian and Iain flew the same aircraft as they did at Causeway coast 3 weeks earlier, I was really impressed with Brian’s flying you could see an improvement even in those 3 weeks. Iain was getting to grips with my Electric Extra 260 now, but they smaller model was getting blown out in the crosswind.

The intermediate class has emerged in IMAC NI as the most competitive class, this time we had 5 pilots all vying for the top spot. Robert flew first with his beautiful Hacker powered EF Extra 300, a slow small footprint schedule was flown and Robert showed his experience in the crosswind keeping it in with some skilful wind correction, unfortunately on landing approaching steadily and touching down gently,  the wet grass strip that was little soft under foot, caught the U/C on the Extra and it cracked, causing the U/C to shear off just above the spat. Robert commented that it was the second time it had happened on a seemingly perfect approach, perhaps a little weakness in the U/C design. It was a real shame as it rule Robert out of the comp. Sean was steady with his Yak and as usual avoided too many mistakes to score well. Stephen had his EF Edge back in the air and the piped DA60 was putting out plenty of power, the benefit of the Edge was clear to see and he was flying really well, his negative snap on the 1st Sharks tooth of the Intermediate known was perfect every time and exactly how a snap should be, a delight to watch. Harry’s trusty Carden Yak was struggling slightly for power in the crosswind, his DA50 after probably 5 seasons of hard flying might be in need of some TLC, none the less Harry managed well and showed hard work and determination pays of, his sequences are improving every flight. Mikey won the prize for the furthest travelled, getting on the road at 4.30am from Tipperary he showed no signs of tiredness and flying his hangar 9 Inverza 33 on a 10s F3A electric setup, he had bundles of power and kept his F3A background showed, a well paced smooth flight throughout.

Unfortunately I was the only pilot in Unlimited, Angus had hoped to travel up but had a small technical problem during the week and hadn’t got a chance to prove it out before coming to the comp, so wisely stayed at home. I used the opportunity to get a few more practise sequences in, especially useful in the crosswind.

Midway through the day, the TMFA had laid on a superb BBQ lunch for us all, including any spectators who had shown up. Dee was responsible for organising it all and we thank her and her band of helpers for it, I don’t think anyone went hungry or thirsty, as Tea was on offer all day.

After 5 rounds of competition, I got to work inputting the scores to the IMAC score program, whilst Iain & my dad drew the Action MS raffle. We again had 30 prizes from our kind sponsors and raised close to £160 on the day. A big thanks to the sponsors and everyone who bought tickets, this will go along with £200 plus we raised at Causeway Coast and whatever is raised at the season ending comp in Newbuidlings.


– RC Factory/Electric Wingman

–  Powerbox Systems

– Emcotec

– Engel Modelbau

– Jersey modeller

– Scorpion Power Systems

– Horizon Hobby UK


After the results were inputted and the score program had done it’s sums, they results were as follow.



  1. Dermot Gallon



  1. Ger Kilbey
  2. Alan O’Connor
  3. Iain Johnston
  4. Brian Foran



  1. Mikey Blake
  2. Sean Scullion
  3. Stephen Tait
  4. Harry Reid
  5. Robert Graham



  1. Matthew Poots


Overall scores can be found on IMAC UK site, click here


Once again a big thanks to all the pilots, spectators, judges, sponsors and the host club of TMFA for a great day of competition. We have a break locally over the summer until New Buildings at the end of September, but I know a few guys are hoping to travel to some IMAC comps on the mainland in the meantime, We wish them well.



Some pictures:



o21 o22 o20 o19 o18 o17  o15 o14 o13 o12 o11 o10 o9 o8 o7 o6 o5 o4 o3  o1

IMAC Causeway Coast May 2014

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May 272014

cc4 The first Saturday in May saw the UK’s first IMAC competition of the Season held at the Causeway Coast Model Flying Club on Northern Ireland’s picturesque North Coast.

The  weather couldn’t have been better, blue skies & light winds made for great IMAC conditions. 10 pilots over 3 classes had an early start and we were in the air before 10am.

Pilot List:


Iain Johnston (Hangar9 Extra 260, Eflite Power 160 on 10s Lipo, Spektrum DX18)

Brian Foran (Hangar9 Carden Extra300, DA50, JR DSX11)

Alan O’Connor (Pilot RC Extra 330s 100cc)

Ger Kilbey (Pilot RC Extra 300, 50cc, Spektrum DX18)



Robert Graham (EF Extra 300 91″, Hacker Q80, 12s Lipo, JR DSX12)

Harry Reid (H9 Carden Yak 54, DA50, JR DSX12)

Stephen Tait (EF Extra 300 78″, AXI, 6s Lipo, JR DSX12)

Sean Scullion (Pilot RC Yak 54, DLE111, Spektrum DX9)



Angus Balfour (Comp Arf Extra 260 3m, 3W 170TS, JR 10x)

Matthew Poots (H9 Sukhoi SU-26 3.1m, DA170, Spektrum DX18)


We were able to fly 3 rounds on the day, 2 rounds of double knowns and 1 round of single knowns. The standard as ever improves each year and our 2 judges were kept busy. We had 4 pilots travel up from the Republic of Ireland and 2 of them were new comers to IMAC. There was a tight clash in Sportsman between Ger & Alan with Iain & Brian also keeping them honest. In Intermediate the 4 locals have been pushing each other hard for many years and there is really healthly competition & banter with them. Angus & I in unlimited shared the rounds and it was very very close.



1. Ger Kilbey 3972.2

2. Alan O’Conner 3818.1

3. Iain Johnston 3625.7

4. Brian Foran 3597.3



1. Sean Scullion 4000

2. Robert Graham 3728.6

3. Stephen Tait 3080.6

4. Harry Reid 3060.7



1. Matthew Poots 3982.7

2. Angus Balfour 3972.5


As an aside to the competition we were able to hold a raffle in aid of Action MS, this raffle wouldn’t have been possible without the held of a few sponsor’s they are;

-Rc Factory/Electric Wingman

-Powerbox Systems


-Jersey Modeller

-Engel Modelbau

-Scorpion Power System

-Horizon Hobby UK

We had a great raffle and as a results we raised £225. We will hold another raffle at the next two IMAC comps in Omagh & Newbuildings and all proceeds will go to Action MS at the end of the year. We thank all the sponsor’s for their support.

Full score can be found on IMAC UK’s site, click here

Here are some pics;


cc1 cc2 cc3 cc4 cc5 cc6 cc7 cc8 cc9 cc10 cc11 cc12 cc13 cc14 cc15 cc16 cc17 cc18 cc19 cc20 cc21 cc22 cc23 cc24 cc25


I’d like to thank all the pilots, judges, helpers and member of the host club who fed and watered us all day. It was a great season opener and I’m looking forward to Omagh in 3 weeks time.