Delamont Display 3rd May 2015

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May 052015

The May bank holiday saw us back to our favourite display spot at Delamont Country Park. Down Council have been so impressed with the interest in our Clubs display that they have added 3 displays to their events calendar for 2015.

This was the 1st of the year and as usual we where Warmly welcomed with a large crowd dispite the poor weather forecast. As usual the weatherman got it wrong, it was sunny with a light breeze instead of heavy rain! We had 4 pilots, Sean, Alistair, Iain & myself ably assisted by my dad in the pits and Paul on the Mic.

We had a good selection of aircraft and put in two 40min displays including the ever popular toffee drop! The wind picked up a little on the second display and soon after we finished a shower rolled through, but thankfully all was packed away dry!

You can see some pictures below.

Another successful delamont display for Banbridge Aeromodelling Club!


Midlands MFC Fly-in June 2014

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Jun 192014

The Midlands Model Flying Club kindly invited My dad & I down to their Annual ‘Big Fly-in held at their club site near Kilcormac Co. Offlay. My dad, my wife Lisa and I headed off early with a van fully of models ready for a great days flying. When we arrived we were warmly welcomed by the club and quickly got unloaded and ready for a few flights. The fly-in itself was a 3 day event and a lot of flyers had elected to make a weekend of it and camped on site. There was a great array of aeroplanes and heli’s on show and the sky was never empty, it was common to see 3 & 4 aeroplanes up at once as everyone made the most of the near perfect flying condition. The flying site is set in the middle of re-claimed bog land and there isn’t a house in sight, an ideal place for a flying club. The club have great facilities with a large lean-to providing shelter on the wetter days.


I had brought to fly the Hangar 9 35% Extra 300 powered by DA120, the 43% Carden Extra 300 powered by DA200 and the 42% Carden Extra 300 PRO powered by 16kw Predator Motor on Optipower 7s Lipo’s. The H9 extra is one of my all time favourite models, it performs precision and 3D flight equally well and I always enjoy throwing it about. The DA200 powered Carden is getting on in years, 5 years old now, but it’s still one of the most competitive IMAC airframes on the market. It has served me well over the years and continues to. The smoothness of the excellent DA200 has really kept this airframe fresh and my dad’s meticulous maintenance routine has kept this combination at the top of it’s field. Our newest aircraft is the Electric powered 42% Carden PRO, fitted with a 16kw Plettenberg Predator 37/6 Evo, JETi spin 300 ESC and new Optipower 50c 7s 5300mah Lipo’s, wired as a 14 cell 15900mah pack, give this airframe stunning performance. We are still very much learning this new aeroplane and with the latest 50c lipo’s from Optipower have limited the power to 70% of what this motor is capable of, we still have enough power to fly any IMAC sequence, our quest now is to work on timings to increase our efficiency and see if we can improve on our 10min flight time. I also flew the Blade 350 Qx and had the Go Pro onboard, the quad performed perfectly but the operator needs some work, I had selected the wrong mode on the Go Pro so only got a shot of me switching the camera on, aerial photography at it’s best. J


Lisa and my Dad were on the camera at various stages and got some really nice shots between them, my Dad’s new Canon D70 is working well. You can see some of the shot’s below.


I must thank all the members of the club, they really made us feel welcome, food & drink vouchers and really keen modellers very interested in all our models and in particular the new big electric. I found these 2 youtube clips online, so I can’t take credit for them. We had a great day and will definitely be heading back next time.

My H9 Extra 300

YouTube Preview Image

Onboard from a Quad (one with the video on this time!)

YouTube Preview Image






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Aug 142013

The annual Delamont country park display took place on the second weekend in August. We are well established at Delamont with many spectators coming specifically for the display each year. The display took part on the usual site, up at the Millennium Stone. The wind was stiff but it was straight up and down the well mown grass area. With the usual safety lines setup it was time to get started.

We had 6 pilots, Alistair, Brian, David, Sean, my dad and myself, Iain on the mic and a Brian & Murray to help setting up, Bernie kindly supplied the spot prizes for the toffee drop and Lisa was official photographer. The display consisted of 24 different planes flown and several on static display. The schedule was;

Introduction; Demonstration of controls and basic manoeuvres flown by Alistair using an Aircraft Panic with OS91FS.
Funfly Slot; Alistair was joined in the air by Brian flying his electric powered Panic and Sean with his Limbo Dancer with an OS32SX.
-Toffee Drop; Hobbyzone Super Cub, fitted with bomb bay flown by myself.
Electric Helicopter Slot; Brain flew his Goblin 700 and demonstrated smooth aerobatics and gentle 3D, David flew his MA Whiplash 90e demonstrating full 3D and hard aerobatics.
Aerobatic Slot; A flight to music with the Yak54 QQ powered by DA120
Toffee Drop; Another drop with the Cub
Warbird Slot; a selection of Parkzone & Elfite warbirds, David flew the P-47, Sean the Spitfire, Myself the Hurricane, Alistair the ME-109, myself again with the SE5a & my dad flew his Albatros.
Glider slot; I flew my Mystique 2.9m glider, Brian his Phase 6 with Pod motor, Alistair his Radian PRO and Sean flew his new Seagull 2000 hot liner.
Fast Slot; Sean, my dad and Alistair flew their Strykers, I flew the Pogo Racer.
Toffee Drop; 3rd drop of the day’.
Nitro Helicopter Slot; David flew his OS105 powered Whiplash 90
Electric Aerobatics Slot; I flew my 97” Sukhoi SU26MM.
Toffee Drop; A fourth and final toffee drop.

We flew this display twice round and each display took about 45minutes or so. The first display was slightly interrupted by a brief rain shower but it only lasted a few minutes. The support from the public was again strong, with a large crowd watching and plenty of kids taking part in the toffee drop.

Here are some pictures.

























A big thanks to all who helped out and to Horizon Hobby for the use of their warbirds in the large slot and for the little Super Cub which was superb in the 15-20mph wind it has to be said!

Looking forward to next year already!


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Apr 042013

Our annual trip to Nutts Corner for the UMAC Denis O’Hara Memorial Flyin took place as normal on Easter Monday.

The weather was typical of the flyin, windy and cold, but that doesn’t put us off!!!

A good crowd braved the freezing wind and plenty of flying took place. I flew the new H9 Yak54 composite, the H9 Electric Sukhoi and the little AS3X visionaire which handled the wind with ease!!

I have some video to edit, learning our new camera!!

Here are some pics in the meantime.


Stephen with his trusty Boomerang


My aircraft for the day, Electric Sukhoi in background and new Hangar 9 QQ Yak in foreground.


An old aircraft of my dad’s still flying. This was one of Banbridge Aeromodelling Club’s challenge aeroplanes, the Millenia, a good flying aeroplane! Still going after 11 years!!



Some aeroplanes in the Pits



Fueling the Yak and yes it was that cold!!



Another Retro airframe, the Balsacraft Xtreme! A good plane in it’s day!



The Nolan’s and myself. You can see David’s MA Whiplash 90’s, one electric powered on 12s and one nitro powered on the new OS 105 engine. Impressive heli’s



Gerry taking some pictures or is his getting idea’s on what motor to install in his next plane??


Easter Egg prize presentation!!


Stuart was awarded the Denis O’Hara Memorial Trophy for his flight with his gaint Biplane, I’m not sure what it was.


Thanks to Gerry and all the members at UMAC for the invite and cups of warm tea!!


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Jan 302013

The Nuremberg Toy Fair is taking place this week in Germany. This is Europe’s largest fair and offers RC companies a chance to display new products for the upcoming season.

Horizon have a large stand at Nuremberg and have released some very nice products. I’ve taken sourced this from Horizon Hobby UK’s site and tried to summarize it here, you can find more info there,

What’s new at Nuremberg…

Blade have released a new coaxial heli, named the CX4, a larger version of the popular MCX2. It features a colourful body design with integrated LED’s. Runs on a 3s 800mah lipo, for 7-8min of flying


Dyamnite have a new range of Lipo’s aimed at the budget minded modeller, called reaction lipos. These are for both Auto & Aero functions and over impressive 20c & 30c performance, in a number of common 1, 2 & 3 cell setups. You can expect quality and performance from these cells.


Dyamnite also has a new 4 port 400watt charger, looks like a very neat and well built unit with built in mains power supply.


Eflite have been busy with two new aircraft.

Firstly the new massive 4.2m L-13 Blanik ARF with fully licensed Red Bull scheme, a fibreglass fuselage and foam sheeted wings, make for a super light airframe that will fly superbly. This is a serious sailplane, capable of aerotowing and slope flying. A video can be viewed from Eflite’s own site.


The second airplane is the New Foam CarbonZ Splendor. It is an F3A inspired AS3X equipped aircraft perfect for F3A & 3D training designed by world champion Quique Somenzini. It has a wingspan of 54” and uses a 6s 3200mah lipo (or 2x3s 3200 in series). The lines of this aircraft are beautiful and it looks to have awesome performance. A video can be viewed from Eflite’s own site.


New aircraft aren’t just limited to the Eflite range, Hangar 9 have gotten in on the act.

First released last week is a Mike McConville & Carden Aircraft design 50cc Extra 300. Following on from the hugely successful Carden Yak54, this new Extra300 is a scaled down version of Carden’s 40% 300. It uses the best of Hangar9 and Carden’s building techniques to build into a really nice kit. Designed around popular 60cc engine class it can also be powered by electric on a 12s setup.


Another new design from Quique Somenzini is a 2.6mm Yak54 fully composite airframe. Quique has developed the Yak54 platform into probably the most popular airframe of modern times. His original TOC design 3W Yak is still an iconic aircraft in IMAC circles, widely respected as one of if not the best IMAC design of all time. Quique further developed this aircraft with his own company QQAC and several versions of the Yak54 followed, but the 102” Balsa/Ply version, which sold in its 1000’s was the most popular. Hangar 9 and Quique have taken the 2.6m market of ARTF’s to a new level with this aircraft. It will prove to be a extreme 3D performer and precision for the IMAC fans. I see also that a new Evolution124cc engine is mentioned, it should be an interesting power horse. A video can be viewed on hangar 9’s site. I think the quality of this aircraft will be pro class.


Evolution have a new 90sized glow engine. Based on the 61sized crankcase this offers more power for minimum weight again.


Not only have horizon released aircraft products there are plenty of new surface items. New ECX buggys & truggys, LOSI releases as well a an exciting new brand call Vaterra. Some really nice stuff based on full scale cars.



Check back to my site for reviews of some of the products above throughout the season!!


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Dec 182012

The Flying Show at Birmingham’s NEC is one of the UK’s largest light aircraft shows. There are many exhibitors and stands selling aircraft, navigation systems, tools, clothing and much more. The BMFA are invited along to the show and it is a good opportunity to cross promote full scale aviation with model aircraft flying. The BMFA have a large stand promoting all elements of the hobby and have been given a large netted off area to do flight demo’s. Horizon Hobby UK take part in that flight demo, displaying a wide range of their indoor micro products in the netted area and outside it in the form of a large static display with some of larger outdoor products. The BMFA had also organised a large turbine and electric scale helicopter demo, RC hot air balloons and a F3P Sequence/Aeromusical demonstration.

 The demo’s were very relaxed, with the aim to have aircraft flying at all times from 10am – 5pm. The flying was broken down into 1hour long sections, with a Scale Heli demo, hot air balloon, F3P Sequence & AM demo’s, taking about 20mins of every hour. The remaining time was allocated to the Horizon Hobby Demo’s. 8 Horizon Team pilot’s joined the other demo pilot’s, Darren, John, Perry, James, Thomas, Ali, my Dad and myself, we were ably assisted by two young talents of the future, Darren’s daughter Kelsey and Ali’s son Zavi, who between them probably flew more than us all put together.

The products we flew were;

 -Hobbyzone Champ

-Parkzone Night Vapor

NEW Parkzone Mini Vapor

NEW Parkzone Spitfire AS3X

-Parkzone Mosquito

-Parkzone UM Stryker

-Parkzone T-28

-Eflite Extra 300 3D

-Eflite Geebee

-Eflite Beast 3D

NEW Eflite Sbach 3D

-Eflite Hypertaxi

-Eflite MiG 15

-Eflite Carbon Cub SS

NEW Eflite ASK21 Glider (Perry fitted a Blade 120SR Tail motor to it, so it could be demo’d indoors, superb idea and a great airplane)

-Blade Scout

NEW Blade Redbull Heli

-Blade M-cX2

-Blade 120 SR

-Blade M-srX

-Blade M-cpX

NEW Blade Nano-cpX

-Blade M-qX

NEW Blade 130X

-Blade 300X

Just a few aircraft to demonstrate, add to this the vast static display of a large range of the Horizon outdoor products, the Horizon Hobby display was fantastic, John’s van was as ever full!

The NEC Flight Show Gallery

It was a thoroughly good weekend and a big thanks to all the BMFA & Horizon team for their efforts putting the show on and to John for organising all the products for my dad & I to fly.

Best Wishes and a Merry Christmas to you all,


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Oct 142012

Come and Fly 2012 Poster

Following the success of last year’s Horizon Hobby UK Come and Fly evening when you all helped to raise over £1400 for Epilepsy Action NI, I’m very pleased to announce that we will have another Come and Fly event this winter.

With the kind help of Horizon Hobby UK you will have the only chance in the UK to come, fly & explore the latest products from Eflite, Parkzone, Blade & Spektrum. We will have demo’s throughout the day and plenty of products for you to have a go.

There will be a large raffle of Horizon Products to raise money for Cancer Research UK, a very worthwhile cause. I’ve set a fundraising page up on their website which i’ll update shortly,

The details are;

Date : Saturday 17th November 2012
Time : 1pm – 6pm
Venue : Queens University PEC Sports Hall. (BT9 5EX, Stranmillis Embankment, Belfast)
Cost : £2 per head
(This includes entry into a separate raffle to win a Horizon Hobby Product)

You will need valid BMFA insurance to fly, this will be checked on the door.


Post code : BT9 5EX, Stranmillis Embankment, Belfast

Sat Nav Co-ord’s: 54.579510, -5.928812

Google Map


View Larger Map


On Saturday 17th November, we held our 2nd Horizon Hobby Come & Fly in Northern Ireland. This event is a chance to come and fly the latest products from Horizon Hobby and has the overall aim of raising money for charity. This year we chose Cancer Research UK, and thanks to Horizon Hobby UK our large raffle of products donated by them raised £700 for this worthy cause.

The event took on a relaxed and informal approach. We had various tables of aircraft for every skill level, from Parkzone’s Night Vapor’s, Eflite’s Beast 3D and the latest Blade 3d Heli’s. The wide range of products ensured everyone had a good opportunity to try lots of new toys. With the kind help of a few of my club mates each table was well managed to ensure everyone had a go. I’d like to thank, Alistair, Brendan, David, Dennis, Iain, Paul, Phelim, Richard, Sean and Simon for their efforts on the day, I allocated them jobs and they just got on with them without any compliant. I also like to thank my Dad & Lisa my fiancé for their help both prior to the event, organising products/raffle and on the day with registration, compering & all the general tasks that needed to be done.

We flight demonstrated a range of products on the, 38 in total. The Mig-15’s, Carbon Cub Aero towing the ASK 21 glider, UMX Stryker’s & Blade 300X proved to be the popular offerings. The MiG-15’s & Stryker’s get very fast when the walls are in the background, keeps you on your toes. David Nolan gave a full 3D Demo of the Blade300X, showing its capabilities.

Below are a selection of pictures taken on the day.


Stewart from the North Down club kindly shot some video and posted it onto YouTube, thanks to him.


We met with CRUK’s Northern Ireland Volunteer Manager Kevin Harper and donated a cheque for £700. This is in addition to online donations via ‘justgiving’ of £140. A total of £840 for this worthy charity.


Many thanks to Horizon Hobby UK for supporting the event and to all who attended & helped on the day.

Cancer Research have thanked us for the donation, here is a copy of their letter. (Excuse graininess, taken on the phone).



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Aug 152012

On Sunday 12th August we had our annual display for Down District Council at Delamont Country Park near Killyleagh.

It is a beautiful location over looking Strangford Lough on the site of the Millennium Stone, which stands 10metres tall right on the centre of the flight line, is an interesting obstacle to fly round, good for pylon racing.

Delamont Stone

Delamont Stone

The weather wasn’t the best for the display, heavy showers & a dark grey sky, we got some breaks in the rain and managed 2 displays with 10 or so slots. There was a good crowd of people who braved the rain to come and watch us and plenty of families with young kids.We had plenty of variety to show the public, here is what we used.

1)      Iain, Tutor 40 Trainer showing basic functions of RC aeroplane & to show an entry level aircraft.

2)      Alistair & Sean, Panic Biplane & Limbo Dancer demonstrating basic aerobatics & your next stage of club style aeroplanes.

3)      Matthew, Toffee Drop with Hobbyzone Super Cub fitted with a bomb-bay.

4)      Matthew, 97” Electric Sukhoi, 7kw powered 10s model, showing the latest in electric technology

5)      David, Whiplash 90 Electric FBL Heli, 12s heli demonstrating 3D heli flying at it’s very best, even trimmed the grass for the council!

6)      Alistair, Matthew & Sean, 2 Stryker’s & new Habu2, displaying the speed’s we can achieve.

7)      Matthew, another Toffee Drop

8)      Scale slot with Parkzone, ME109, Spitfire, P47, SE5a, Albatros & Eflite Hurricane. WW1 & WW2 aircraft.

9)      Matthew, Hangar 9 Extra 300, DA120 powered freestyle aircraft, showing 3D & precision aerobatics.

10)   Matthew, final toffee drop.

We flew this display twice through, in between the showers and as always had kind words from the public.

Here are some pictures, we didn’t get much chance to take pictures as we dodged the showers, you can see just how dark it was.


Extra & Sukhoi

David & Iain

Stryker & Stone

Stryker’s & the other hazard, a small tree

Alistair & Sean


Thanks to everyone who attended, pilots, helpers & supporters.


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Tyrone Model Flying Club 2012

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Jul 232012

My Dad & I got an invite from the club members of Tyrone Model Flying Club to come to their open day at the end of June. Our good friend Phelim came along with us.

We had a great day and the club members looked after us well.

Here are some pictures & a few videos.

Some of the models on the day, my Electric Sukhoi in the foreground, a MX2, a Hughes 500 heli, Barry’s new Beast & my Extra in the background.

Barry’s Beast still to have decals applied, a great looking model.

Phelim’s Magnum R

My Extra in the air

Smoke system working well

Tree’s in the background are further away than they look

A Parkzone Spitfire, it went well

Getting my Sukhoi ready

10cell Lipo powered 7kw motor in the nose of the sukhoi, relentless performance

The sukhoi getting low, notice the new DX18 Tx

A few video’s, thanks to the guys who filmed them.

YouTube Preview Image


YouTube Preview Image


A very enjoyable day thanks again to the Tyrone Club in Omagh.


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Wings & Wheels 2012

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Jul 032012

At the end of June my dad & I attended Wings & Wheels Model Spectacular for the third year. We were kindly invited by Horizon Hobby UK to fly in their trade slots throughout the show.

We travelled over on the Thursday night Belfast to Birkenhead Ferry getting us onto the mainland early Friday morning. Making our way across to Harlow Essex the weather was wet, but on arrival at Horizon’s UK hub it was a nice albeit windy day. We spent a few hours chatting to and catching up with everyone in Horizon and getting a sneak peak at some new products coming soon.

In the afternoon John Norris was heading to North Weald Airfield were Wings & wheels is held to setup the Horizon Static Display Marquee and erect the racking & build the planes for the weekend’s show, my dad & I went along to help, joined by Azza Stephens another Team Horizon member. In a very strong wind we began to erect the large marquee, after quickly establishing the marquee was more of a kite in the 30mph wind, we abandoned it and decided to try again early in the morning as the forecast was calmer winds.

A 6am start on Saturday morning had the tent quickly up with many hands & less wind making it a quick job. The show began at 10am. I was in the opening slot and flew my new Hangar9 Sukhoi with a 7kw Plettenberg motor up front. It performed effortlessly in the wind and is an impressive aircraft with equally impressive electrics.

Horizon Display

I then flew with the rest of the Horizon Team in their slots, with the Scimitar & the new Habu 2. Later that after noon, Azza Stephens, Ali Machinchy & myself fly 3 Hangar 9 35% Extra 300’s in a demo together, it was very impressive to see those models being flown close together & low, made for some good pictures, I certainly enjoyed this demo.

We finished the day with another Horizon slot, I flew the Katana 50e & a Stryker.

After a quick pack up we headed back to the hotel to meet John Norris, George Land, Darren & Michelle Goule & their girls for some dinner. This was a good night a chance to relax & catch up on things.Sunday morning wasn’t just as early a start, but it did bring a stronger wind & unfortunately a wet North Weald, well at least the ground was. There had been some very heavy rain all night and the site was very wet, but the show went on, despite the mud!! With the strong wind being fully crosswind, less people flew than on Saturday, the schedule was a little bit mixed up. On the upside I was able to fly in the opening slot again with the electric Sukhoi and get a full solo slot with the Extra 300, nice to have some space without the fear of flying into other pilot’s airspace.

Extra 300

Our Horizon slots with the Scimitar & Habu 2’s went down well again and in the afternoon Adam Birmingham, myself & young James Lambert flying in only his second show, flew some really nice close formation with the Eflite Hurricane & Habu 2 again, all credit to James he kept it tight and flew like he had a few years of show’s under his belt, all in a very stiff crosswind, his dad Perry better watch out James will be flying rings round him very soon.

New Habu 2


Our third Wings & wheels was another very enjoyable and relaxing weekend. A massive change from competition’s, little or no pressure just good fun. Other notable flights at the show, were Ali Machinchy with various jets, super fast and accurate flying as always. A 87% Pitts Python (yes that big) & a 60% Edge, both powered by 500cc plus engine, massive models that have a big presence in the air, a little limited aerobatically by their power to weight but impressive in scale none the less.

Al’s Glider


Thanks to Horizon for the invite & hospitality all weekend.