IMAC Omagh May 2015

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May 132015

The first IMAC of the year in Northern Ireland took place on a wet, windy and cold day at Tyrone Model Flying Association’s excellent site.

The poor forecast and start to the day put a lot of pilots off and we simple u didn’t have the numbers expected! 3 brave pilots did however step up and flew. Fortunate r they were all in intermediate class so they had a close competition.

With the conditions worsening as the day went on we only held 2 rounds of double knowns.

After all the flying was done and scores counted, the outcome was

1.Sean Scullion

2. Harry Reid

3. Stephen Tait

Well done to all pilots as the 25mph crosswind made landing very difficult!

Also thbaks goes to the judges Paul & David and finally to the club members for looking after us very well and supplying us with plenty of food and bottomless cups of tea!

       The next comp is Causeway Coast on 7th June.



Donation to Action MS

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Nov 102014

At the three IMAC NI comps this year we held a raffle with the prizes we very kindly had donated to us by;
-Horizon Hobby UK
-Scorpion Power Systems
-Powerbox Systems
-RC Factory/Electric Wingman
-Jersey Modeller
-Engel Modelbau

With the sponsors and very kind modelling public we raised £475.

The cheque was presented at Banbridge Aeromodelling Club’s indoor flying night.

Thanks again,



IMAC Newbuildings 2014

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Oct 082014

The final IMAC comp of the year in Northern Ireland took place on the last Saturday in September.

We had a few pilots unavailable but 7 enthusiastic guys turned up across 3 classes.

Robert McCartney
Martin Sweeney

Iain Johnston
Brian Foran

Harry Reid
Steven Tait
Sean Scullion

We got started early and with a slightly different idea I did a judges warmup with my big electric Carden PRO. It got the judges’ eyes in and we went straight into the comp.

Flying double rounds we managed 2 full round (4 sequences) before lunch. We had a lengthy lunch break and finished the day with an unknown round. I think everyone enjoyed that challenge.

With some of the guys having 4 & 5 hour drives home we finished up at 3pm and quickly got the results tabulated.

1. Robert McCartney
2. Martin Sweeney

1. Brian Foran
2. Iain Johnston

1. Sean Scullion
2. Steven Tait
3. Harry Reid

As with all IMAC NI comps this year we have been able to hold a raffle in aid of Action MS (NI), this has only been possible with the kindness of several sponsors,
-RC Factory/Electric Wingman
-Powerbox Systems
-Engel Modelbau
-Scorpion Power system
-Jersey Modeler
-Horizon Hobby UK

On the day we raised over £170 add that to the previous comps at Causeway Coast & Omagh we raised over £450 this year for Action MS NI. A big thanks to all the sponsors and to each and everyone who has bought tickets in the raffle. It makes it worth while. I will present this cheque to Mike & his team from Action Ms, so Check back for the photograph.

Thanks to North West Model Aircraft Club for their hospitality and indeed Causeway Coast & Tyrone Model aircraft club for their similarly warm welcome at the earlier comps, it’s great to have so many great clubs supporting IMAC in our area.

A thanks also to our judges this year Paul Harrison & David Nolan for their efforts! Finally to the pilots for supporting the comps!


IMAC Ireland 2014

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Sep 222014

The first full IMAC comp to be held in The Republic of Ireland under the IMAC Ireland region was held on Sunday 21st September at Midlands MFC in Boora Co. Offaly.

My dad & I wanted to travel down and support Brian Foran & his team as they have been very supportive in attending our comps and it’s great to see IMAC expanding “island” wide! With my IMAC season building up to the World’s, I had taken the last 2 weeks off from IMAC, so decided to lend a hand as judge! We had an early start and hit the road shortly after 6am to get to Boora for the 9.30am start. Arriving shortly after 9am, there was a dense fog covering the whole region, so it was a bit of waiting game until the fog cleared.

I had a flight with my dad’s Parkzone Super Cub in the mist, absolutely love that plane, great fun! The fog appeared to clear a tad, so I then fires up my Hangar 9 35% Extra 300, a takeoff and straight into vertical had it out of site in a mater of seconds, so the fog hasn’t cleared enough! I still enjoyed the flight keeping it in close and mainly 3D’ing!

After about 3 hours of no flying the fog lifted and the comp got underway. Basic was up first and with 4 competitors it was closely fought! The standard was good. Sportsman was 2nd up, 3 seasoned IMAC’ers flew in this class, Iain, Ger & our CD Brian. Angus Balfour & I judged this class, some good flying despite the cloud base still being a little low in the early rounds. Intermediate had 3 pilots, again experienced competitors in Sean, Steven & Mikey. Angus rounded things off in Unlimited and flew exceptionally well as always. The sun was in the pilots eyes all day, so they all did very well not to let it put them off!

After 3 rounds and 5 sequences, Brian announced the results and thanked the Midlands Club for their superb hospitality with one of the best lunches you’ll ever have at a flying event, a great bunch of lads.

All in all a very successful IMAC event, Brian and his team should be very proud, a brilliant event! The future for iMac across the Island is bright!

Here is a video Dermot shot of one of my demo’s.

YouTube Preview Image



IMAC World’s Final Thoughts

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Sep 122014

Final Thoughts

With being back home for a few days it has given me time to reflect on the IMAC World Champs.

The whole event was organised very professionally, it ran so seamlessly the whole week and the only stoppage during the rounds was the slight shower of rain in the last round on Saturday and that was only 10minutes. Wayne, Curtis, Richo and the whole team did a superb job.

The competition standard in Unlimited was very high, the top three pilots Kurt, Nicolas and David flew to a tremendous standard all week and it would have been very hard to choose between, I think Kurt was the most consistent and deserved to take the honours. To be part of the UK team was an honour, collectively we did very well for using unfamiliar equipment and this should be commended.

From a personal perspective I was very privileged to be flying the Prototype Hangar 9 Sukhoi which Mike McConville designed and had built by the Hangar 9 factory as his personal IMAC aircraft. After Mike flew it he decided it was worthy of general release and I think a lot of IMAC flyers worldwide have benefited from such a superb design in ARTF format. Although the aircraft was the prototype and had about 500 flights on it, it was in superb condition and Mike had recently got DA to service the engine so it was all running/flying great. From the moment my Dad & I arrived in Monticello, we were made to feel welcome and nothing was too much hassle from anyone. We had 3 superb days at Eli Field and got a lot of flying under the tutorship of both Mike McConville and Peter Goldsmith. Peter had the benefit of being a Mode 1 flyer like myself, to have a TOC pilot take the transmitter show you certain things in the sky in front of you, is a unique experience and privilege. The Sunday was probably the most learning I have done in my IMAC career in one single day, knowledge that I will be able to take with me into future comps and practise. Both Mike & Peter sing very much from the same hymn sheet, their advice/eye for pattern flyer is in a different level to anything I know and the experience of many many TOC’s and the dedication it took for that event shows, even many years after they have retired. I was also privileged to received a great gift from Peter, his TOC stick plane, a Breitling crafted replica of is CAP232.

The competition itself was a high pressure event, the title of World Championships certainly lived up to its name, it was the toughest 4 days of flying I have ever experienced and my Dad would certainly agree with that. The pressure of the event was high enough, but factor into that the 30-deg temperatures with little or no shade and any shade there was, felt like an oven, just lifted the toughness up a level. The format of the comp also made it tough, the unknown wasn’t handed out until flying had completed that day, so around 6.30 most days, then unknown was then the first round the next day, so if you were first up, you’d be up at before 6am to get on site for the start of the round, 4 days of this took its toll.

Although it was tough it was very enjoyable and no one said the World’s was going to be easy. I can take a lot of positive’s from the event, I was comfortable with Mike’s Sukhoi and after a nervous start for first few rounds, I settled into it and was happy with how I flew. My unknown’s were all good and scored well, with only one mistake in the final toughest unknown, that was my only zero all week in 390 judged manoeuvres (13 rounds, 10 manoeuvres, 3 judges each round) , I even nailed the Tail slide with if I say so myself one of the best I saw, it slid at least 12 feet, dropped the correct way and came out nice and straight. My highest unknown score was 471 out of 500 and my highest known was 962 out of 1000, as I said before, the ability to score highly is there, I just need to work on my consistency. The techniques I learnt from Peter & Mike will help towards this. I was in a tight group of 5 pilots all within 100 points of each other, with scores out of 7500, a missed snap here or there would cost you 2-3 places. To place above a TOC legend namely Ivan Kristensen is also something to be proud off. To even fly with TOC pilot’s is a rare thing, we managed 4 in one week.

I would again like to thank Mike and Peter for their time and effort early in our trip and off course for the plane, parts and all the little things we needed. To all my sponsor’s who have been a great help all year as usual, Horizon Hobby UK, Desert Aircraft, Optipower, Carden Aircraft, Powerbox Systems, Truturn, Model Fixings & Detect Alarms thanks to each and everyone. My good friend’s Phelim & David for their help before the competition, my wife Lisa for making it easy for me to go to the field to practise and finally to my dad for all that he does, too much to even list, it is very much a team effort and it would not be possible without his huge effort behind the scenes, I get to do the easy bit and fly.

Thanks for reading, I will do a mass photo upload soon.










Saturday 6th September

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Sep 082014

The final day of competition for the 2014 World’s. It’s been a heck of a week. I was second up in today’s unknown, the toughest of the week, the tail side has showed its face!!

The day started grey, wet and windy, the wind had been blowing crosswind out all week but today it’s crosswind in. I flew my unknown in a light shower, felt like home! Lol! I flew it ok, did the best competition tail slide I’ll ever do, but made a slight mistake on the simple downline 3/4 pos snap, I think I put the wrong rudder in and it was a deserved zero. Luckily I had 3 good unknowns in the bag so not the end of the world.

Chris & Steve struggled a little with theirs, but under the circumstances flying unfamiliar planes they did ok. Thomas had some lock outs during his flight, first I’d heard of that on futaba. Luckily his got away with it, but cost him a good score.

We had a final known round, we all flew well but didn’t score as well as we hoped, it was a tough judging panel!

The day was finished early with the freestyle, some incredible flying again, Nicholas Penzon from Canada pushed really hard and just and I mean just clipped the grass on his routine doing tight negative push overs, luckily no damage! Cody Weojlick was brilliant on Saturday, so well timed or music and low! Great flight!

That evening we had the banquet & prize giving, after a number of speeches and awards the results were announced and prizes awarded! The USA took too honoured in each class and the team trophy. Us UK in unlimited faired ok, we didn’t disgrace ourselves. Personally I was very pleased to get through the week with only one zero and I had a high known of 962 out of 1000 and a unknown of 471 out of 500. It’s being able to consistently tap into that standard but the skills I’ve learn from Mike & Peter will help that.

I’d like to thank all my sponsors and my dad for his help in this my first IMAC World’s.





Friday 5th September

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Sep 062014

Sorry guys not much blogging, it’s been manic. It’s without doubt the most intense week of flying any of us have done. Combination of the standard, the weather, it hot and us not knowing our loan aircraft just as well as our own at home, have made it crazy. But very enjoyable.

Today’s flights all went well, we are all improving and happier. Freestyle round 1 was today, pilots of note Spencer Norquist, Nicolos Detry & Penzon and David Moser! Awesome flights!

I drew #2 in tomorrow’s unknown! Great! So another early night and morning!
















Thursday 4th September

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Sep 052014

An early start for competition, we had the unknown first round. I flew it quite well and was pleased with my score. Thomas was going really well when he has a complete lock out on his loan JTEC, it went in at full throttle and you can imagine the damage. Such bad luck for Thomas, it was totalled and not his fault at all.

Thomas was able to fly Chris’ loan JTEC for the rest of the comp and has been able to copy the memory and make adjustment to suit his style. He was flying it well by the last knowns. Chris himself is improving each flight, the plane he has is only powered by a 150 and it’s a little slow on the long uplines especially in the crosswind, but he is making the most of it.

Steve has gelled with his Jetc, DA200 power now on a 2blade so it’s making great power. He says it feels just like his own back home. He is so impressed with the DA, I think he is ordering a few!

My final 3 knowns were much better, a little over rotation on the first snap on the last known, knocked that score back a little, but overall I’m more positive after day two!

I drew number one in tomorrow’s unknown so it’s going to be an earlier night and an even earlier morning!







Wednesday 3rd September

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Sep 042014

First day of competition and all I can say is tough!

The standard is incredibly high, on a personal note my flights we ok but didn’t score as well I’d hoped, we can’t get our raw scores because of a slight hiccup on the upload to the net, so not sure we’re in going wrong just yet. Thomas & Steve put in great 2nd knowns and scored really well. Chris is getting to grips with his JTEC as well.

The unknown round Went well for me I scored 471 out of 500, so pleased with that. The other guys did well also.

It was a long day, on site at 7am, left at 6.30pm. The temperature was very high also 30-deg most of the day with a light breeze.

All in all a nervous start but we solidly middle of the pack.

A late night preparing for the unknown which is first up.






Tuesday 2nd September

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Sep 032014

The day started with registration, which was a formality, we then headed down to site 3 at the fabulous Munice AMA site, hard to describe the place as anything else but amazing!

The other Uk guys had their planes built and got a flight in a busy lineup. After a bit of time with them, I headed over to the other site to help Brian Horn and Barry White, we watched them get a flight each then headed back over to Site 3 for pilots brief. The only hiccup in that was that yours truly locked the keys in the van! So after a few phone calls and a short wait, a nice American came & “broke” into our van, keys had been left at “my arse”! So lesson learnt ther!!

The pilots brief was a long affair, but very informative. We then had the opening ceremony, that was a nice experience, as close as we will get to the Olympics!

We drew the flight order for Wednesday and also got our unknown.